Properties for sale in Dominican Republic

Properties for sale in Dominican Republic
Properties for sale in Dominican Republic

When it comes to my mind the best place where I could live in a near future I always think in the Dominican Republic.

Living in this country for three years had made me open the eyes and realize many reasons why staying here forever could be possible.

There are properties for sale in the Dominican Republic that looks like a dream for people from countries where they barely see the sun or just enjoy the sun during summer. In the Dominican Republic you will find sun almost every day. Also, spaces here are bigger than anywhere, while in Spain my house would be 1,000 Sqft, here I could buy a house of 3,000 Sqft. And what about people: Dominicans are so nice, always smiling and ready to help you, even if they are not able to. Those would be one of the main reasons for buying a property here.

This magic island is growing fast. Many new projects are developing and Dominican Republic is expected to become the main destination of the Caribbean. Punta Cana International Airport is the second airport in the Caribbean. It offers direct flights from 28 countries and 96 cities around the world.

Properties for sale in the Dominican Republic are mostly offered in the touristic areas and Santo Domingo, the capital. Touristic areas are located in the north and East of the Island: Puerto Plata and Samana in the North, while Punta Cana, Cap Cana and Casa de Campo are in the East. The East of the Island is very safe. These tree destinations are gated communities with private security. Also highest luxury in island is located there finding best properties for sale in Dominican Republic.


In order of my preference I would say that Cap Cana is the perfect place to live during the working life, pre-retirement and of course to invest.

Cap Cana is a gated residential and hotel community, with its own security, which has the safest Marina in the Caribbean (in-land); the best golf course in Latin America and one of the best in the world (Punta Espada); the most famous beach of DR (Juanillo, with 5 km of white sand coral beach) and the most modern equine facilities.

Cap Cana has invested more than $ 1 billion in high-quality infrastructures, from roads to power generation with underground distribution (like fiber optic), hurricane-proof.

Its great natural beauty is surpassed by its unparalleled climate. The wind is always fresh because it comes from the East (from the sea) and creates a microclimate in which the vast majority of rains occur at dawn and temperatures remain stable between 22-27 degrees in winter and 26-32 degrees in summer.

There are 4 hotels including Eden Roc, a Relais Chateaux. In addition, Hyatt has begun the construction of two new hotels and so has Karisma.

There are more than 25 residential communities of beach, marina, golf and countryside, which are already consolidated, as well as more than 30 restaurants, numerous shops and several beach clubs. We can find really nice properties for sale, best in Dominican Republic,  all of them with very high standards of luxury and quality.

New developments are on the way and ready in the near future.  5 new residential developments have started construction (Il Lago, Iguanas Gardens, 7 Mares, Ocean 21 and Serenissima) as well as 17 new villas, which gives a good idea of ​​the dynamism of the destination. Those properties for sale swing from $USD 250,000 up to $ USD 5,000,000.

Around Punta Espada Golf Course and Juanillo Beach you can find the top properties for sale in Dominican Republic: big luxury houses with gorgeous views towards the ocean in 7,000 sqf lots. Prices are over $10 million and average $15 million.


Punta Cana is another great community where you can find very nice properties for sale in Dominican Republic. It is also a gated community, with its own two golf courses ‘La Cana’ and ‘Corales’. La Cana Golf Club is a 27 holes golf course consisting of three nines; Tortuga, Hacienda and Arrecife. Designed by P.B. Dye, son of great Pete Dye, these courses combine the ocean and cute villas around their greens.

Tortuga and Arrecife showcase mid- average villas from $1.5 million to $4 million both ocean front or golf course front, while Hacienda which is farer from the beach, has developed new apartments.

Greatest Properties for sale in this area of the Dominican Republic are located in Corales, a great golf course designed by Tom Fazio. Most of them face the Ocean and the golf course which give them extra value. High standards and luxury finishes are common in this top Villas with prices starting at $3.5 million.

Casa de Campo is located in the South Coast, East of Santo Domingo, 50 miles from Punta Cana Airport. This gated community offers the wider range of properties for sale you can find in Dominican Republic, from small apartments to huge houses. Completely consolidated, owners are moving to Cap Cana to find fresh air, nouveauté and fun. Nevertheless, you can enjoy Pete Dye’s golf courses: most famous Teeth of the Dog, impressing Dye Fore and The Links.

So there are mainly three places to go if you want to find a property for sale in Dominican Republic: Casa de Campo, Punta Cana Resort and Cap Cana. And I would choose Cap Cana over the others


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